Death By Chocolate

The City Adventurers gathered a stash of chocolate ready for the latest adventure from Murdered For Money company. Death By Chocolate – The Plot  It’s not all sweetness and light at the world-famous, but very exclusive, chocolate company “Fountain Chocolate”, and when, not long after a major announcement, a body is found in the soft … More Death By Chocolate

Murder in Wonderland

The City Adventurers headed to Wonderland, where the Mad Hatter had invited us to a secret party to launch his new selection to teas…… Although we had been sworn to secrecy as the Queen of Hearts hasn’t been invited, her majesty turned up. This threw the White Rabbit into a panic. Well, even more of … More Murder in Wonderland

Mystic Murder

Don’t you love that new detective series “Isolated crimes” with Inspector Corner? He introduces the details of a case, then asks the audience “was it an accident or was it murder?” His latest show involved a Mystic Murder. A fortune teller, Mystic Myrtle, was plying her trade at a local fairground when Laura Dent decided … More Mystic Murder