Dressed to Kill

Dressed to Kill was the penultimate Moonstone Murders play-a-long murder mystery events. Set in the world of high fashion Pierre Couture had been stabbed in the back. Who could have done it? As ever, Inspector Rutherford was on hand to question the suspects, this time aided by DI Lapworth. Could it be Bryony Hughes, Pierre’s … More Dressed to Kill

Murder in the Midwest

After spending a great night trying to solve Red Herrings last murder mystery – Death by Chocolate – we immediately signed up to play their next adventure – Murder in the Midwest! This time we were transported deep into the heart of Indian Territory and the frontier town of Tombstone. Wearing our cowboy hats, we headed (online) to … More Murder in the Midwest

Death by Chocolate

Saturday night we settled down to play “Death by Chocolate”. This was a Murder Mystery Evening via Zoom by Red Herring Games. The Story: Wonky Chocolates were at one time the best known chocolate brand in the world, renowned for its originality and flavour. Originally owned by the eccentric recluse, Willy Wonky, the firm changed … More Death by Chocolate

Solve The Mystery Of Who Killed Victoria Rushmore?

With everyone staying at home at the moment, Blackwatch Entertainment have created an online adventure to keep your grey cells active from the comfort of the sofa. We signed up for the online adventure, but missed any notice that it had launched! Not to worry as all the episodes are now available on Youtube. ( … More Solve The Mystery Of Who Killed Victoria Rushmore?

Murder Mystery Trains from Loughborough

There’s been a murder! Murder Mystery Trains put you at the heart of a thrilling case. A four course gourmet meal is served as the plot develops during this thrilling, steam hauled round trip from Loughborough. Opening scenes commence on the platform at 7pm with trains departing from Loughborough at 7.30pm. Crack the clues and make sure the killer gets his … More Murder Mystery Trains from Loughborough