What are some of the basics of a murder mystery?

To start with you need three characters. murder victim murderer investigator(s) First you need the murder victim. And with this character, by default, you need the murderer. Unless your denouement shows it was all an accident or suicide. And the third character you need is the person (or persons) searching for the murderer. You’ll need to keep your … More What are some of the basics of a murder mystery?

The Cuckoos Egg

Let me start by saying this is a mystery book not a murder mystery. The Cuckoos’ Egg is a book about tracking a spy through the maze of computer espionage. Written by Clifford Stoll  when the internet was in its infancy, it still packs a punch all this time later. Cliff Stoll was an astronomer turned … More The Cuckoos Egg

“Couldn’t get you out — had to set you on fire.”

Watching a TV quiz show, I was surprised by a question asking which author was set on fire while playing cricket at Lord’s. I correctly guessed Sir Arthur Conan Doyle but wanted to know more of the story about the man behind Sherlock Holmes. First Class Cricket Sir Arthur Conan Doyle played for MCC until 1907. He finished with … More “Couldn’t get you out — had to set you on fire.”

Arthur Conan Doyle

Arthur Conan Doyle, the author of #Sherlock Holmes, was born in Edinburgh on 22 May  1859.  He died of a heart attack on 7 July 1930. Trained as a doctor at Edinburgh University in 1881, Arthur Conan Doyle divided his time between medicine and writing. His career included being a writer and a journalist, as well as being a surgeon on a whaling … More Arthur Conan Doyle