Judge and Jury

Judge and Jury by James Patterson Plot: It’s the trial of the decade – Dominick Cavallo, the modern-day Godfather, has finally been put in the dock, and there’s enough evidence to make it certain he’ll be convicted. Heavy security surrounds the courtroom, and Nick Pellisante, the FBI agent who helped to nail Cavallo, keeps a … More Judge and Jury

Dragonwell Dead

Time For Another Tea Shop Mystery Book by Laura Childs Plot of Dragonwell Dead: Although Theodosia Browning barely knows a Phalinopsis from a Bog Rose, she still enjoys Charleston’s Spring Plantation Ramble, especially since she can promote her Indigo Tea Shop and her latest concoction, Dragonwell Sweet Tea. But the party’s over when Mark Congdon … More Dragonwell Dead

A Star Spangled Murder

Star Spangled Murder is the 11th Lucy Stone mystery by Leslie Meier Available from Amazon Lucy Stone is in the doghouse – with her next-door neighbour, Mrs. Prudence Pratt. It seems that Kudo, the Stones’ misbehaving mutt, has developed a taste for Mrs. Pratt’s blue-ribbon winning chickens, as well an escape artist’s talent for sneaking … More A Star Spangled Murder

Father’s Day Murder

Available From Amazon When her part-time reporting gig gives Lucy the opportunity to attend a Boston newspaper conference, she looks forward to the vacation from domestic bliss. But upon leaving Tinker’s Cove, she quickly discovers that alone time can be kind of…..lonely. And in between libel workshops and panel discussions, Lucy takes a guilt trip. … More Father’s Day Murder

Honeymoon by James Patterson and Howard Roughan

I’ve just finished reading Honeymoon by James Patterson and Howard Roughan. A story full of hidden identities. As the narrator says throughout the book “Things aren’t always as they appear”. It starts as a ‘black widow’ story. A woman with multiple rich husbands/fiancés who get bumped off for their money. It is also a cat … More Honeymoon by James Patterson and Howard Roughan