More Moonstone Murder Mysteries

Moonstone Murders have just started their second series of play-a-long murder mystery events. Mr Wobbly’s Murdertime Spectacular! This time a well-loved children’s entertainer, Mr Wobbly, had been murdered. He may have been well loved by children but there were at least four possible suspects who could have killed him. Luckily Inspector Rutherford was on the case, … More More Moonstone Murder Mysteries

Death by Powerpoint

Fancy a virtual murder mystery party? The people at Red Herring Games. have a free 15 minute murder mystery for 3 people so you can try out hosting via the internet. Photo by Edward Jenner on Death by Powerpoint Plot: Everyone hates Tuesday. It isn’t the start of the week, it isn’t in the … More Death by Powerpoint

Death By Diamond

Murdered for Money were back with Death by Diamond, so we booked our tickets and settled in for a week of sleuthing. Death by Diamond was set at a golf course. Again it was was based on one of their live shows and had been adapted to work online. Spread over 7 nights, there were clues … More Death By Diamond

Murder in the Midwest

After spending a great night trying to solve Red Herrings last murder mystery – Death by Chocolate – we immediately signed up to play their next adventure – Murder in the Midwest! This time we were transported deep into the heart of Indian Territory and the frontier town of Tombstone. Wearing our cowboy hats, we headed (online) to … More Murder in the Midwest

Death by Chocolate

Saturday night we settled down to play “Death by Chocolate”. This was a Murder Mystery Evening via Zoom by Red Herring Games. The Story: Wonky Chocolates were at one time the best known chocolate brand in the world, renowned for its originality and flavour. Originally owned by the eccentric recluse, Willy Wonky, the firm changed … More Death by Chocolate