A Highly Suspect Murder Mystery

We were lucky enough to see the Highly Suspect Murder Mystery in person last summer. The previous year they had been staging events online. This included an interactive online murder mystery during Spring 2020. Appropriately they called it “THE SOCIAL MEDIA MURDER!”

Back in the day, they released a new piece of evidence every day over their social media channels. Detectives across the globe then had 3 weeks to put together the pieces and find out just who was the killer.

Just in case you missed it, they have released the whole thing on their website at https://www.highlysuspect.co.uk/the-social-media-murderer so why not give it a go. No need to wait for the evidence to drop into your lap each day. Now you can binge-watch 20 days of evidence and come up with your solution. Then, and only then, should you click on day 21 and watch to see the killer revealed…

highly suspect
highly suspect

Join City Adventurers and Solve The Murder

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