Murder at Pelham Castle

I spotted another range of murder mystery jigsaws the other day. The Who-Dun-It? Murder series are produced by Lagoon Puzzles. As with other murder mystery jigsaws, they require you to read the short mystery story then assemble the puzzle and solve the crime.

Unlike some other murder mystery jigsaws you have no idea what the picture on the jigsaw will be. The only indication on the box is the cast of suspects to the grisly crime.

So, we settled down over a cup of tea to put our sleuthing skills to the test and solve a diabolical whodunit.

The first jigsaw in the series we tried was Murder at Pelham Castle

The family had gathered to read the will, but did the owner of the estate die of natural causes or had he been murdered? As you can guess, it was the latter and one of the assembled cast was to blame.

By reading the story, you get to find out who everyone is and how they are connected. By not having any picture to work with, you are doing the jigsaw “blind”. However, there are hints in the story that give an indication on things to expect in the picture.

A straight forward puzzle to complete and an interesting story to solve. We enjoyed this jigsaw and look forward to completing more in the series.

Murder at Pelham Castle

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