A Monster Smash

A Monster Smash is a virtual murder mystery challenge for Halloween by Red Herring Games. This production is performed in support of Life After Cancer and Macmillan Cancer Support. Tickets are available for £6 per household (plus booking fee)

Monstrous mayhem and murder with the De’Bodies family at Halloween.

In a suburban district of Westfield New Jersey, stands the imposing but somewhat derelict Victorian mansion and funeral home belonging to the De’Bodies family.

Popular with trick or treaters, this gloomy abode trims up for Halloween like no other home in the area and every year a steady stream of children dare each other to ring the doorbell in order to receive handfuls of sugary sweets and meet the strange occupants who appear to take fancy dress to heart and to extremes.

No longer running a funeral service, the family have resorted to other means to maintain an income, selling various homeopathic remedies as well as taking in lodgers on a regular basis. Many of whom are never seen again…

This Halloween the family are busy preparing the mansion for visitors as usual, however just as the decorations are complete a sinister discovery is made near the woodchipper outside…

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