Resort To Murder

Resort To Murder - photo by Juliamaud
Resort To Murder – photo by Juliamaud

RESORT TO MURDER is a Miss Dimont Mystery by TP Fielden

This is the second book in the Miss Dimont series, but not having read the first book was not an issue.

The story is set in Temple Regis, Devon during the late 1950s.

It begins with a body found on the beach which turns out to be murder……

Miss Dimont is a journalist on a provincial newspaper. Youth-renewing contraptions, beauty pageants and beat combos snuggle alongside wedding write ups and murder for this investigative journalist and her new apprentice.

Miss Dimont is also hiding a top secret past life during the War. Some of the characters involved in the book have a connection with her war-time exploits, so we get to learn some of her secrets as the book progresses.

There is also a touch of romance.

A very enjoyable read. Recommended

RESORT TO MURDER is available from Amazon

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