Cyanide in the Speakeasy

Cyanide in the Speakeasy was the last Moonstone Murders play-a-long murder mystery event. the cast traveled back in time to the 1920’s and found themselves at a Speakeasy favoured by stockbrokers. John Hartsby had been found dead at his desk, a glass, smelling suspiciously of bitter almonds, by his side. Could he have been poisoned, and, if so, who could have done it?

As ever, Inspector Rutherford was on hand, aided by two guest detectives, DI Howells and constable Mary, to question the suspects. This time the suspects were the victim’s wife, Rose, the bartender, James Ratney and stockbroker Nick Carterway plus the receptionist, Daisy Cordon.

Another fun evening of investigation at Moonstone Murders play-a-long

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