Yet More Moonstone Murder Mysteries

Moonstone Murders are currently performing their second series of play-a-long murder mystery events.

fairytale princess
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Bippity, Boppity, Buried!

For the latest online Moonstone Murders we were transported to a mystical kingdom. A  ball had just been held to find a suitable suitor for Princess Aquaria. Unfortunately, the princess had been murdered – poisoned by apple!

The suspects were:

  • Princess Ember:
  • Princess Crystal:
  • Anathese (the witch):
  • Billy the Bellhop:

Inspector Rutherford was on hand, suitably attired, and assisted this time by DI Wenden and Constable Catherine. Great performances from all the cast. Just like a pantomime and murder mystery combined.

A wonderfully fun evening…..and we worked out whodunit.

See Bippity, Boppity, Buried! at

The Tables have Turned

The Ninth online Moonstone Murders was called “The Tables have Turned” and it appeared that the tables had indeed turned…….

We were greeted by that great detective, Sherman Bones. Oh, this is different, we thought. What has happened to Inspector Rutherford? Are we were going to be led by a new detective this time?

Suddenly Inspector Rutherford appeared. (Hooray!)

He told us that Sherman Bones was a character in a mystery, and was played by Tim Buyer. He also informed us that the Moonstone Murders company of actors were due to perform a murder mystery tonight. However, when they arrived they discovered the owner of the company, Mrs Betty Blue, had been found murdered!

So Inspector Rutherford was going to carry out a “real” investigation with the actors. He was assisted, as ever, with a guest detective (DI Mortlock) and the audience.

The suspects were:

Tim Buyer/ Sherman Bones:
Evelyn Stents/ Ruby Lockhart:
Kate Stop/ Marilyn Lockhart:
Raymond Barnes/ Jeeves the Butler:

This time we could hear Inspector Rutherford fine, but the live show suffered a few technical difficulties. These have been ironed out for the version of the show that is available on YouTube. Not that it made any difference to the enjoyment of the show, nor to the clues being presented.

We, unfortunately missed vital information, and pointed the finger of suspicion at the wrong suspect! Luckily “Barry”, who insisted his name was Inspector Jonathon Rutherford, was able to deduce the correct murderer and point out what we had missed.


Another great evening.

The Tables have Turned can be found at

Curse of the Pharaohs

Lord Lucas Haines had been financing an expedition to find Ancient Egyptian Artefacts when the leader of the expedition, Sir Wilfred Marker, was murdered. Could it have been his assistant, Amelia Carnarvon, who killed him? Or rival explorer, Harrison Drake? And what had curator, Mildred Berstead, to hide?

As usual, Inspector Rutherford was on the case. Unfortunately, the Inspector seemed to have problems with his microphone and was difficult to hear. This time he was assisted by DI Feig and, of course, the audience via the chat box.

Another fun evening that we thoroughly enjoyed…..and we correctly deduced the murderer!

Curse of the Pharaohs can be found at

Mr Wobbly’s Murdertime Spectacular!

This was reviewed at The references to Mr Buttons and Badgers in later shows originated in this adventure.

colorful clown toy
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Other Moonstone Murder Mysteries

Should you want to play-a-long with any of their previous murder mysteries, series 1 and 2 are all available on the Moonstone Murder Mysteries Youtube channel. Donations to the cast (and a variety of charities) can be made at

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