Hardcase by Dan Simmons

Hardcase by Dan Simmons is the first of three hardboiled detective novels featuring the character of Joe Kurtz. It is more of a thriller than a murder mystery story, although there are a lot of killings in the book.

It starts with PI Joe Kurtz taking revenge…..revenge that costs him eleven years in Attica prison. While there he protects Little Skag Farino, son of Byron Farino, Don of a Mob family. 

Now released from prison Kurtz needs a job. He can’t go back to being a PI, but he can still investigate, so he gets a job with the Farino Family to track down their missing accountant. 

But rather than follow the missing person investigation, the story twists into a plot of turf warfare and mobsters vying for Farino’s throne. Throw in a price on Kurtz head for previous investigations and people who don’t want the accountant found and you have the makings of a fantastic thriller.

As the story twists and turns, the body count rises and Kurtz no longer knows who he can trust.

A gripping read.


Hardcase by Dan Simmons - photo by Juliamaud
Hardcase by Dan Simmons – photo by Juliamaud


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