Agatha Raisin and the Perfect Paragon

She’s practically perfect in every way!

No, not Agatha Raisin. Mabel Smedley. She is the “Perfect Paragon” of the title.

Mr Smedley hires Agatha to check on his wife. He suspects she is having an affair, but the woman appears sickening virtuous.

While Agatha has that case on the go, she also has the case of a disappearing school girl to investigate. So she hires new people to her team to assist her and finds they offer great insight into solving mysteries.

As the book progresses, her caseload changes to murder. The schoolgirl’s body is discovered. Then Mr Smedley is poisoned.

Now she has two murders to investigate instead. And her murder caseload is going to keep expanding…….

Agatha Raisin and the Perfect Paragon is another fun  read from M C Beaton.

Agatha Raisin and the Perfect Paragon - photo by JuliamaudThe Plot

After being nearly killed by both a hired hit man and her former secretary, Agatha Raisin could use some low-key cases. So when Robert Smedley walks through the door of her detective agency, determined to prove that his wife is cheating on him, Raisin Investigations immediately offers to help.

Unfortunately for Agatha, Mabel Smedley appears to be the perfect wife: young, pretty, and a regular volunteer at church. But just as Agatha is ready to give up, Smedley is poisoned with weed killer, leaving Mabel, the prime suspect, to inherit a fortune.

With no one left to pay her, Agatha has to drop the investigation . . . that is, until her old friend Sir Charles Fraith turns up again to rekindle her curiosity in the case.

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