Bleeding Hearts

What happens when a killer becomes the target…?  A shot rings out and a woman dies instantly. The death of a journalist from a single bullet. But she was not alone on the steps of the London hotel. A number of other people could also have been the intended target of the invisible sniper. The man … More Bleeding Hearts

Just Desserts : A Bed-and-Breakfast Mystery

Just Desserts by Mary Daheim is the first of the Bed-and-breakfast Mystery series. Plot: When the garishly grotesque clan of wealthy carpet-sweeper magnate Otto Broadie sweeps down upon Judith McMonigle’s Hillside Manor Inn, it looks like there’ll be a wild night of drinking, dining, and fortune-telling in the offing. But when their soothsayer-for-hire Madame Gushenka … More Just Desserts : A Bed-and-Breakfast Mystery

Murder at the Manor!

We were invited to Heathcliff Manor, where Lord Heathcliff was hosting a dinner party to celebrate his recent marriage. But before anyone could toast his happiness, Lord Heathcliff was killed with the candlestick in the pool room. This was Murder at the Manor and we had to discover who snuffed out his candle! For this … More Murder at the Manor!