Dying in the wool

The first of the Kate Shackleton Mystery series

Kate Shackleton is no little old lady amateur sleuth. She’s a  thirty-one years old trendsetter who became a widow as a result of the Great War.

She has no intention of losing her freedom along with her husband and is forging a new life for herself. So when her friend Tabitha Braithwaite from the Women’s Voluntary Aid Detachment requests her help, she’s happy to oblige.

Tabitha’s mill owner father, Joshua Braithwaite, disappeared seven years ago and Tabitha wants to find out why.  So Kate travels to Bridgestead and begins her investigations.


The Plot of Dying In The Wool

Bridgestead is a quiet village: a babbling brook, rolling hills and a working mill at its heart. Pretty and remote, nothing exceptional happens, except for the day when Joshua Braithwaite, goes missing in dramatic circumstances, never to be heard of again.
Now Joshua’s daughter is getting married and wants one last attempt at finding her father. Has he run off with his mistress, or was he murdered for his mounting coffers?

Kate Shackleton has always loved solving puzzles. So who better to get to the bottom of Joshua’s mysterious disappearance?

But as Kate taps into the lives of the Bridgestead dwellers, she opens cracks that some would kill to keep closed . . .



Dying in the wool is written by Frances Brody and is the first of the Kate Shackleton Mystery series. Much of this story involves the world of the textile mills in the early part of the century.

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