The pizza business can be murder

Murder By The Slice

This is the debut novel of Rob Cline, arts professional, writer, newspaper reviewer and former pizza delivery driver.

The plot revolves around Paul Chambers, a delivery driver for Passable Pizza.

From Amazon: Following his personal rules for peaceful pizza delivery, Paul is content to read comics, care for his rabbit Spinoza, and hang out with his pizza courier comrades.
Then he tries to deliver to a dead guy.
Suddenly, everybody is after Paul–the press, the cops, and the bad guys.
With the help of his quirky crew of fellow drivers and his spunky, if elderly, best friend, Paul sets out to catch the eye of a comely reporter, catch a break with a pair of suspicious detectives, and catch the villain–before the villain catches him.”

I don’t remember where I picked up a copy of this book, but I do remember it being extremely funny. If you want to see how funny, check it out here.

murder by the slice


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