A Judgement In Stone

The Book

Widely considered to be one of her greatest works, A Judgement In Stone is a 1977 novel by Ruth Rendell.

This is a psychological thriller that concerns the murder of four members of the Coverdale family. George, Jacqueline, Melinda and Giles all died in the space of fifteen minutes on the 14th February, St Valentine’s Day. They were shot down on a Sunday evening while they were watching opera on television.

Two weeks later  the housekeeper, Eunice Parchman, was arrested for the crime.

But there is more to the story……


The Play

Now the thriller has been made into a play and is being staged at The Orchard Theatre, Dartford. The Agatha Christie Theatre Company, will be performing the classic murder mystery from 25th September to 30th September 2017. The star cast includes Sophie ward, Shirley Anne Field, Chris Ellison,  Antony Costa, Robert Duncan, Deborah Grant and Ben Nealon.

The Plot

“Eunice struggles to fit in. When she joins a wealthy family as their housekeeper the very reason for her awkwardness, long hidden and deeply buried, leads to a terrible tale of murder in cold blood. Ruth Rendell’s brilliant plot unravels a lifetime of deceit and cover-ups which, when revealed, brings a shocking revelation almost as grizzly as murder itself.” Orchard Theatre

Tickets are available from The Orchard Theatre, Dartford.

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